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Fayree is a set of modern, wireless and extremely easy to install devices that increase the safety and convenience of your loved ones. No more worrying about their health, stay in touch with them and make their lives easier!


Fayree will automatically inform the elderly person’s caregiver of the need for immediate assistance. All alerts are displayed as notifications sent to the family’s or carer’s smartphone. Install the Fayree Door Sensor at the exit door, and you will be notified about each unauthorized attempt to leave the premises. Thanks to our dedicated switch, Fayree will also automatically turn on the lights in the room when it detects that a person is getting out of bed.

Fayree does not require any additional infrastructure for basic work, devices communicate with each other wirelessly. On the other hand, if you are interested in notifications sent to the carer’s phone, it is necessary to guarantee a stable Wi-Fi connection with Internet access (and installation of IFTTT applications).


Fayree is an ideal solution for elderly people in need of continuous and intensive care, for their families and carers. Thanks to its full wireless capabilities, installation is extremely simple and intuitive. A comprehensive guide supplied with the device will allow you to install the system in just 3 minutes, without having to hire anyone.

Each Fayree device can operate independently, not all devices need to be purchased for the system to function properly. You can decide for yourself which functions are most important for you!

What is Fayree

SOS Button

The SOS button significantly increases the physical and mental safety of the elderly person. It allows them to immediately call the caregiver for assistance, just one button is enough for the notification to appear on the carer’s phone. It is an ideal solution if a person is not able to come to us or call for help – it is enough to keep the device within reach by putting it on a bedside table.

Fayree will not only inform the caregiver but also the family regardless of where they are. Whether you’re in another room, downstairs, in a shop or even in another city, you’ll be notified right away at the push of a button.

Motion Detector

The Fayree motion detector is a battery-operated, fully wireless device that allows you to, for example, activate lighting when motion is detected. The ergonomic shape and special hold allows the device to be installed anywhere (floor and ceiling installation is possible).

Thanks to its small size it can be installed directly under the bed of an elderly person replacing a pressure mat. Depending on the configuration, the motion detector can automatically switch on the lighting in cooperation with the Fayree smart socket or inform the caregiver if movement is detected in an unauthorized place.

Smart Button

The Smart button allows you to remotely control the Fayree Smart Plug, so that the elderly person can control the lighting or other electrical equipment completely remotely even without getting up from bed.

The Fayree Smart button can be fixed anywhere within easy reach, making everyday activities easier.

Smart Socket

The Fayree smart socket works with a motion sensor and smart button. It allows you to remotely start any electrical device when motion is detected or the button is pressed.

The miniature size allows for non-invasive installation in any electrical outlet allowing for smart lighting control. It is also possible to connect several sockets in order to create a light path to illuminate the way for the elderly person.

Door Sensor

The door opening sensor allows to secure the exit of an elderly person with dementia. The device is battery powered and its installation is simple and very fast. The device will automatically inform the carer about an attempt to leave the house or an attempt to enter an unauthorised zone.

Installation of the system significantly supports elderly care, allowing for immediate reaction of the carer in an emergency situation.


1. How does Fayree turn on the lights?

A dedicated switch and instructions for its installation are included. Fayree connects to it when motion is detected or when the smart button is activated.

2. Can we call or text Fayree?

Unfortunately, Fayree’s solution does not have the ability to make calls. The only way to send alerts or messages is to send a notification to the carer’s or family’s phone via the mobile application.

3. Does Feyree require the installation of a SIM card?

No, only a stable Wi-Fi connection with Internet access is required to obtain full system functionality.

4. How long do the batteries in the devices last?

Batteries in devices can last up to 12 months. It all depends on how frequent the device is started up. Fayree will inform you when you need to replace the batteries.

5. Does Fayree require a Wi-Fi network for automation?

No, Fayree does not require Wi-Fi for basic operation and lighting automation. This access is required when using notifications.

6. How far can Fayree be from the light switch?

The maximum range is 150 meters of free space. The range is decreasing indoors, the real working range is about 30 meters.